Razor wars hot up with Wilkinson and Bic launches

Wilkinson Sword is launching an addition to its Xtreme range of disposable razors – the Xtreme3 Comfort Plus.

To support the product, which is due to hit supermarket shelves this month, Wilkinson Sword is sponsoring the Extreme Sports Channel, the 24-hour sports station available on Sky.

The razor features two lubricating strips containing aloe, tea tree oil, shea butter and jojoba: the first is designed to prepare the skin, the second to soothe it after a shave. A sensitive skin variant, the Xtreme3 Comfort Plus Sensitive, contains vitamin E in the strips.

The launch comes as rival Bic also gears up to target a young and sporty male audience with its three-bladed disposable razor, the Comfort 3.

Bic, which recently redesigned the range (MW January 26), is launching an on-pack promotion offering vouchers for extreme sports activities such as surfing, kayaking and climbing.

The promotion will be supported by press ads in the News of the World as well as men’s magazines Nuts, Zoo and FHM. Bic is also planning a promotion for its three-bladed female shaver, the Soleil.


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