Real benefits of adfiltering

Adfiltering software is designed to remove banner advertising (Torin Douglas’s article on the Adfilter, MW August 10). This is in line with current ad spend thinking as banner advertising is one of the least effective methods of reaching online consumers with response rates of less than one per cent.

Permission-based e-mail marketing is rapidly becoming recognised as the most ethical, responsive and targeted tool in the online marketing arsenal. Like Adfilter, permission-based e-mail marketing puts consumers in the control seat. It empowers them to choose the advertising they wish to receive.

This is excellent news for advertisers. With response rates between five per cent and 17 per cent and at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising, advertisers have the opportunity to reach an enthusiastic and receptive audience who have requested information on their products and services.

For websites, portals and ISPs, this is an exciting opportunity. By partnering with permission-based e-mail marketers, they can generate significant revenue while offering their users a useful and relevant service. This practice, being both pro-advertising and pro-choice, will no doubt meet Adfilter co-founder Graham Morgan’s approval.

Guy Marson


London W2


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