Real solution is staff motivation

It is ironic that Alan Mitchell writes so well about how companies are losing huge amounts of money by not serving customers properly and then does the same to his readers.

He tells us about the problem but gives us no inkling of how it might be remedied, “Customer satisfaction is earned by loyal staff” (MW June 10).

The answer is simple and in reality does not cost a penny. In order to educate and motivate staff, and the staff of third parties which are responsible for presenting goods and services at point of sale, you educate and motivate them.

Instead of devoting huge sums of money to delivering brand promise to consumers and then breaking the promise because of poor delivery, companies should divert a small proportion of the advertising budget on educating and motivating staff.

Spending money on well-planned and executed incentive programmes allies the individuals responsible for brand delivery to the brand.

The return on investment is fast and pays for itself many times. As well as maximising sales potential, creating loyalty among customers and increasing sales through word of mouth, incentive programmes save money by reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.

It should not take Mori polls and loyalty gurus to tell us that informed, motivated staff win and keep more business.

But then it would seem that issues are not always meant to be seen clearly.

Peter Jackson

Planning director

The Marketing Services Group



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