Rebuilt Mostar bridge at the heart of a…triangle

While on the subject of bridges and engineering, the Diary is convinced Brunel would have been impressed by the rebuilt Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The iconic bridge was destroyed in 1993 during the bitter fighting between Croats and Muslims. Since it reopened in 2004 it has regained, and even added to, its status as a national symbol and major tourist attraction.

And while the Diary is delighted to see the country getting back on its feet, it is less convinced by the Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist authority’s branding of the nation as the “Heart-shaped land” on its newly relaunched website.

In the heart of South-eastern Europe it may well nestle – but unfortunately, as far as the Diary is concerned, it really isn’t heart shaped. But then, triangular-shaped land doesn’t have quite the same ring.


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