Recommended reading: The art of persuasion and entrepreneurs’ confessions

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.

Entrepreneurial Confessions: How Young Founders Found Their Way

By Elliot Lum

Ever wondered what motivates young entrepreneurs to give up the day job and start a business? In this book, Elliot Lum, shares the first-hand experiences of a diverse group of business leaders across a range of industries, to understand what inspired them to set up on their own and what keeps them committed. As well as the highs, Lum also discusses how these leaders have overcome the stresses of launching a business and how they have dealt with personal sacrifices in order to realise their dreams.

The Joy of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again

By Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is on a mission to get people to fall in love with their job again. Having worked at companies including Google and YouTube before joining Twitter where he is now vice-president of EMEA, he believes a good work culture can impact not only people’s professional lives but their general outlook too. He looks to answer such questions as ‘Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they actually make us more productive?’ ‘Is it true that you can improve team performance simply by moving the location of the kettle or coffee machine?’ and ‘What is a Monk Mode Morning, and why do people swear by it?’ The book will be published at the beginning of January.

The Persuasion Code

By  Christophe Morin  & Patrick Renvoise

This book is based on nearly two decades of research by the authors on the effect of advertising and sales messages on the human brain. Based on this, the duo discuss how brands can develop a persuasion strategy that cuts through the endless stream of messages consumers receive every day in the hope of truly resonating. Using research in neuroscience, media psychology and behavioural economics, they explain the model they have devised called NeuroMap, which is a step-by-step process to help develop marketing messages.

The Compass and the Radar: The art of building a rewarding career while remaining true to yourself

By Paolo Gallo

Getting to the top needn’t come at a cost. Through a mix of coaching, management theories, case studies and personal stories, Paolo Gallo aims to help readers to find the right career path for them while also maintaining their values. He offers practical tools to help people weigh up decisions and evaluate the trade-offs they are likely to face at some point in their career.



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