Recommended reading: 50 years of Virgin and business without borders

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marketing booksSurfing the Asian Wave: How to survive and thrive in the new global reality

By Steve McGinnes

This book combines first-hand experiences from thinkers, leaders and business people across multiple industries about how to do business in the face of new borders.

McGinnes argues that the key skill of the 21st century will be the ability to interact effectively across the Asia/West intersection and provides a guide to how do business effectively in this blended world. Each topic addresses a different area, from tradition and values to common mistakes and where culture overlaps.

Virgin by Design

By Nick Carson

To mark the 50th anniversary of Virgin a new book has been released charting the organisation’s evolution into an airline, hotel and even space-flight provider.

However, this book doesn’t just focus on the brand’s evolving corporate identity and rule-breaking journey, it also addresses some of Virgin’s failures. Here Carson aims to give an honest – and sometimes brutally so – account of all aspects of the business, including the launch of the Virgin Cola and Virgin Brides brands, offset by the company’s undoubted success stories.

Ripple: The big effects of small behaviour changes in business

By Jez Groom and April Vellacott

From selling sim cards in South Africa to sparkling water in Paris, Ripple provides real-world examples of how how small behaviour changes can have wide-reaching effects in the real world.

By applying behavioural science in your working life you can have positive ripple effects on the world around you, say Groom and Vellacott, who use storytelling and practical tips to prove their point.

Context is king for value proposition profitability

By Siro Descrovi, customer strategy consultant, Dunnhumby
In this article Descrovi argues that the only way to measure the true worth of a value proposition is to understand its place within the organisation as a whole.
He runs through the strategic, data-driven thinking required in order to help retailers improve the efficacy and profitability of any existing value proposition and advocates for deep insight to deliver a clear understanding of the business need. Descrovi analyses how marketers can ask more nuanced questions to get the maximum returns.  



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