Recommended reading: Avoiding logic and why advertising needs autism

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Alchemy – The surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense

By Rory Sutherland

As the vice-chairman of Ogilvy, Rory Sutherland knows a think or two about what makes people tick. In his first book, he argues that thinking rationally and logically is actually not the way to go. Instead he puts forward the concept of ‘psycho-logic’, an alternative to logic and rationality that he believes is far more powerful.

Using real-life examples from his work with some of the world’s biggest brands and influencers, he blends behavioural science and case studies to show why the unrelenting focus on logic is stifling our ability to solve problems and find creative solutions. He suggests that the biggest breakthroughs will probably not be found through logic and data, and why alchemy is more valuable than ever.

Advertising needs autism

By Alice Franklin

In this blog post, BBH strategy intern Alice Franklin talks openly and honestly about being diagnosed with Asperger’s and her fears about being unemployable. “I wanted to work in advertising, but from what I’d been told, you needed communication skills, social dexterity and the ability to understand human behaviour innately. But I didn’t understand anything innately. I just didn’t get people,” she says.

While she admits she is not an expert on the advertising industry given she has only just started working at BBH, she can speak with some authority about Asperger’s and autism and why she thinks ad firms are missing a trick by ignoring this largely untapped group.In particular, she draws attention to is the interview process and why it need it needs to be made friendlier for people on the spectrum. She argues the very fact people with autism think differently is just what advertising needs.

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Innovation for the Fatigued

By Alf Rehn

Innovation is moving at a faster pace than ever before, which can take its toll. Alf Rehn, who is professor of innovation at University of Southern Denmark, argues that muddled cliches means innovation has become a boring buzzword that is killing the industry.

In this book, he deliberately steers clear of phrases like ‘disruption’, ‘transformation’ and ‘think outside the box’, instead offering practical advice and straight-talking guidance.

Fast Forward Files – The future through the eyes of eight elite minds

By various authors

Fast Forward Files is a collection of eight essays by thought-leaders and entrepreneurs across marketing, technologies, wellbeing and innovation that look to answer questions such as, ‘Do we need to stop being disruptive?’, ‘Is veganism the answer to the world’s greatest challenge?’ and ‘Are we losing sight of what technology is really for?’.

Writers include Shazam founder Dhiraj Mukherjee, who suggests thinking like a kid can help seal future success, and Heimo Hammer, owner and CEO of German agency group Kraftwerk, who talks about consumers in chaos and the need to move between the fast and slow.



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