Recommended reading: Behavioural science experiments and how to work smarter

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.


The Choice Factory

By Richard Shotton

Marketing Week columnist and deputy head of evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD Richard Shotton says there are 25 biases that influence the choices consumers make about the products they buy. In his book, which is an overview of how behavioural science experiments can be applied to marketing and advertising, he runs through the full list. If advertisers are aware of the biases, and adapt their products and communications, they can use them to their advantage, he contends.

Customers the day after tomorrow

By Steven van Belleghem

With voice and AI set to dominate many conversations in 2018, this book helps navigate readers through the third digital revolution with examples of how organisations are using AI to disrupt markets. Van Belleghem integrates
augmented reality into the experience, so people can see pages come to life on their smartphone. The book analyses the benefits of emerging technology,
with interview exclusives with some of the world’s leading experts in data.


Bigger than this: How to turn any venture into an admired brand

By Fabian Geyrhalter

How to go from a useful brand to a beloved household name is the question that Bigger Than This promises to answer. From the best-selling author of How to Launch a Brand, this book explains the traits that the world’s
favourite commodity brands have and how to apply these to other businesses.
Geyrhalter draws on professional anecdotes from his experience as a brand strategist to explain crucial points.

Great at work

By Morten T. Hansen

Why do some people perform better than others? It’s a question often asked, and after doing a five-year study of more than 5,000 managers, one Morten Hansen believes he can answer. Framed within seven ‘work smarter practices’, he highlights stories from some of the individuals he spoke to in the study, before outlining how people can maximise their time and performance. Each chapter also include questions and key insights.

Pinpoint: How challenging the norm is the only route to success in selling sponsorship

By Jackie Fast

Pinpoint is a designed for anyone who wants to better understand sponsorship. From working with musician Prince to smaller arts councils, Jackie Fast is a veteran in the industry and uses her specialist knowledge to provide practical insight into the key elements of sponsorship marketing. Pinpoint also lays out the changing landscape of commercial collaboration, providing a no-nonsense explanation into how you can use sponsorship to generate revenue as well as engagement. Fast aims to give readers the information they need to succeed in sponsorship marketing by also highlighting the key pitfalls to avoid.



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