Recommended reading: Dream teams and disruption in the ad industry

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.

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Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart

By Shane Snow

Building the perfect team is often said to be more about luck than science but Shane Snow argues the opposite. Dream Teams analyses the best and brightest teams, from the Wright Brothers to rap group Wu-Tang Clan, forcing the reader to rethink working relationships. Snow tries to get to the core of what makes and breaks a team and in doing so the importance of creating successes together rather than as an individual. Worth reading for bosses and team members alike, the book also includes a special afterward by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Advertising Industry (and Why This Matters)

By Ken Auletta

From former WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell to Facebook’s head of sales Carolyn Everson, Ken Auletta has spoken to both old and new big players to get to the core of the advertising industry. Frememies chronicles the good, the bad and the ugly of an industry that has epic highs and lows while analysing the importance of advertising – especially for the media to survive. This book charts the changing face of advertising in the digital age all while asking where we’ve been, where we’re going and who’s really in charge?

The Creative Curve: How to develop the right idea, at the right time

By Allen Gannett

Can we learn to be creative or are we expected to wait until that lightening bolt moment occurs? Allen Gannett argues that creativity can not only be learned but is a critical skill that can be developed and honed like any other. With interviews from highly successful entrepreneurs across a variety of platforms this book attempts to take the reader through the road-map of creativity to create an easily-followed path. It also includes tips such as how to effectively self-reflect, where to look for advice in your company and ultimately demystifies the idea that some people are simply creative geniuses and others are not.



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