Recommended reading: How to fuel loyalty and future proof your brand

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.

Truth: A User’s Guide

By Hector Macdonald

With the phrase ‘fake news’ dominating the conversation in 2017, Hector Macdonald’s Truth feels like timely reading. Drawing from examples including the infamous Brexit bus and the way the Texas Department of State Health Services spread misinformation to pregnant women, the author asks whether it is ever morally acceptable for marketers to lie? It also looks at how consumers can protect themselves from misleading truths.

Do Good

By Anne Bahr Thompson

A former executive director of strategy at Interband, Anne Bahr Thompson’s ‘Do Good’ is the result of three years of research looking into how corporate responsibility can fuel brand loyalty. The book explains the five steps to brand citizenship (trust, enrichment, responsibility, community, and contribution) and advises marketers on how to walk the line between supporting charitable causes and taking a bold political stance.

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UnBranding: 100 branding lessons for the age of disruption

By Alison Stratten and Scott Stratten

This practical guide features 100 case studies of successful brand strategies, each containing solid advice on dealing with everything from rude staff to a poor brand reputation. The book aims to break through the noise of disruption and provide a far simpler template for marketers to follow. It posits that in the age of Uber-level disruption, brands have become far too preoccupied with finding the next big thing and have forgotten about how to get the branding basics right.

Future Proof Your Brand

By Marc Cloosterman and Laurens Hoekstra

This comprehensive toolbox will give you everything you need to manage your brand effectively from a senior level. Designed as a book you’ll revisit at problematic points in your marketing career, the advice is broken down into phases and has a particular focus on making marketing succeed in the boardroom.