Recommended reading: Mental models and innovation champions

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Super Thinking

By Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann

Mental models are decision-making tools that guide our perception of the world and our behaviour in it. They help us understand life, make decisions and solve problems. The best of those help us make intelligent investments, develop ground-breaking technologies and even travel to outer space.

From well-known models such as the ‘bandwagon effect’ and ‘paradigm shift’, to lesser known concepts like the ‘Eisenhower Matrix’ and ‘boiling frog symbol’, Weinberg and McCann aim to make even the most complex models accessible and engaging to readers.

Their combined knowledge – Weinberg is the founder and CEO of multi-billion dollar internet privacy company DuckDuckGo, while McCann is a statistician and researcher – makes this a must-read for anyone looking to make better, more informed decisions.

Transforming Legacy Organisations

By Kris Østergaard

Innovation is one of the things that larger, established, legacy organisations talk about frequently but often struggle to execute. While agile startups can devote all their time and resources to one or two new products, big businesses have many more things to take into consideration.

Drawing on his experience from teaching established organisations around the world for over 15 years, Østergaard provides real-world advice and research-based information.

The book is aimed at C-suite executives, senior managers, and heads of business development, innovation and digital teams, with advice on how to grow innovation by employing new technologies, digitising and continually moving forward.

It is designed to help readers understand how their organisation, regardless of size, can become an innovation champion of the future.

Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Focus on Marketing

Edited by Kizzi Nkwocha

In this book, marketing strategists from all over the world offer practical, accessible and jargon-free advice on how to make marketing work for businesses, both on- and offline.

Covering wide-ranging topics, from social media analytics and personal branding, to making business marketing work and online reputation, it is essential reading for entrepreneurs, CEOs, board directors and shareholders in business who bear the responsibility and costs of marketing.

Other chapters include savvy SME tips, content marketing on a budget and how to use marketing to boost credibility.

Retailers, meet your customers of the future

By dunnhumby

Contactless payments, self-checkouts, fast-fashion: the world of retail has changed enormously in recent years, let alone when looking back to the offline world of yesteryear.

To mark its 30th birthday, dunnhumby has dusted off its crystal ball to have a guess at what the next three decades might bring for both retailers and customers – with some interesting projections.

A few clues: bricks and mortar stores will still exist, customers will still care about data, plastic will probably be outlawed and meat as we know it will be on its way out too.

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