Recommended reading: How to sell yourself and the secrets of the world’s leading brands

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.

Life’s a Pitch: How to sell yourself and your brilliant ideas

Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity

Bayley and Mavity’s how-to guide is aimed at empowering marketers to translate their ideas into action, helping them excel during the most important points in their career. Providing tips on how to charm others, conduct yourself in interviews and master a creative partnership, this book mixes mentoring with elements of anthropology and market research.

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

Scott Galloway

In his first book, Scott Galloway reveals how ‘The Four’ – Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook – have become uniquely successful brands that lead digital competition in the modern world. Galloway addresses what business leaders can learn from these corporate giants, envisioning what is to come and predicting which of the four has the capability to push forward in the future.

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We need to Talk: How to have conversations that matter

Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee recognises that human conversational skills have eroded. Her theory is that we spend too much time avoiding awkward conversations and not enough time getting to know those around us. In this book Headlee uncovers the art of conversation, offering ten simple rules to help facilitate more engaging conversations including controlling your emotions, knowing when to talk and ensuring that you do not place yourself at the centre of every conversation.

Write to the Point: How to be clear, correct and persuasive on the page

Sam Leith

Being able to communicate effectively is imperative. In Write to the Point, Sam Leith offers a complete guide to persuasive writing, with a clear focus on the most important aspects that contribute to successful written communication. Exploring the many avenues of written communication, such as letters of complaint, essays, emails of condolence, this book highlights the path to being skilful on the page.