Recommended reading: Thriving as a new leader and the art of a good apology

Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers.

learnWhy new leaders should make decisions slowly

By Constance Dierickx

According to research, 74% of new leaders say they are unprepared for their new role, and in 18 months nearly half of them don’t live up to expectations. This article details three strategies leaders can hone to streamline decision-making and become the most effective leader possible.

From finding one area of focus in order to make significant strides to ensuring you talk to a wide variety of sources Constance Dierckx provides practical advice for any new leader looking to thrive.

Why New Leaders Should Make Decisions Slowly

Overthrow II – 10 strategies from the new wave of challengers

By Adam Morgan and Malcolm Devoy

Two decades ago, Adam Morgan coined the concept of a challenger brand and now he is writing a book about the latest wave of challengers. Morgan wrote the first Overthrow seven years ago about the thinking and behaviours of challengers but this new book details how challengers have shifted.

Being a challenger is no longer about being new or small, instead brands of all sizes – whatever their category, competition, heritage or personality – can benefit from adopting a challenger mindset. The book, by global media network PHD, takes readers through 10 challenger strategies and includes interviews with the likes of Oatly, COPA90 and Mailchimp to explain their success.

The Apology Impulse: How the business world ruined sorry and why we can’t stop saying it

By Cary Cooper and Sean O’Meara

From L’Oreal to KFC, marketing has seen its fair share of apologies. However, it can seem that mastering the apology has become nearly as important as preventing the crisis in the first place. Cooper and O’Meara argue business has become “addicted to apologies but immune from saying sorry”.

This book promises to analyse those apologise and ask how our current culture helps them thrive. Plus, there are lessons for brands in how to give authentic apologies or, crucially, say nothing at all.

The Art of Performance: The surprising science behind greatness

By Jeroen De Flander

Much has been written about how to achieve greatness. In this new book on the subject, Jeroen De Flander promises to help anyone become the very best. He combs through six decades of scientific research to provide key lessons on how to be the best in business. Weaving these key lessons with engaging narratives on successful individuals, De Flander promises to provide a guide to help anyone be a success.