Red Cross seeks boss to lift UK brand

The British Red Cross brand is to be revamped with the appointment of a dedicated UK marketing chief to implement its first national marketing strategy.

A head of marketing is being sought to increase awareness and understanding of the charity’s UK work, and to establish a brand identity for its UK services.

The position has been created following the completion of a strategic business review that began last summer. It discovered the public is aware of the Red Cross’ international emergency response work, but does not realise the extent of its UK services.

The new head of marketing will create a team of three to develop a nationwide strategy focusing on UK operations, such as those relating to the prevention of accidents in the home.

The marketer will report to director of marketing and income generation Jeremy Shaw, who oversees marketing, fundraising, retail and commercial trading.

Shaw says that, as part of the marketing review, the new head of marketing will consider above- and below-the-line advertising.

Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray handles the charity’s direct marketing account.

Shaw says: “We want to get across the fact that the personal crisis of someone involved in an emergency abroad – such as Turkey or Mozambique – is no different to that of someone who has just left hospital in Manchester with nowhere to go and no one to help them.”

The charity is to test its first TV brand awareness campaign, rather than direct response TV advertising, in the North of England in May, as part of its fundraising “Red Cross week”.

Shaw believes the new appointment will help boost its funds. The charity has never had a national marketing strategy. Until 1998, it was a devolved organisation consisting of 60 separately-run charities.


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