Red Devil to launch energy cola

Red Devil, the energy drinks company, is launching a cola-flavoured energy drink called Red Devil Power Cola.

It will have the same distribution as Red Devil and will be available in pubs, clubs and supermarkets within weeks. A roll-out to the rest of Europe is likely to follow.

Red Devil marketing director Mark de Quervain says: “Power Cola has a great taste while delivering a high energy boost.

“It also mixes with a range of dark and light spirits, effectively broadening the energy drink mixing portfolio from the usual vodka request.”

Marketing Week revealed last week that Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola’s distribution arm, is looking at distributing Red Devil on a global basis. However, a spokesman for Coca-Cola said that it would not result in changes to its own energy beverage brand Burn, available in the UK and Australia.

Red Devil was first marketed in Russia in 1996 but has since been launched in more than 60 countries.

Drinks consultancy Zenith International predicts that the energy drinks market will be worth &£1bn in the UK by next year.

The current brand leader in the UK is Red Bull, which sells about 1 billion cans a year worldwide.


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