Reebok announces Fight For Peace partnership as it moves from function to purpose

Global fitness brand Reebok has enjoyed sales success by focusing on fitness, but is now looking to add brand purpose through a long-term partnership with non-profit organization Fight For Peace.

The Adidas-owned brand has acquired LUTA Sportswear, a London-based boxing brand that gives half its profits to sports and education projects for young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

LUTA is owned by Fight For Peace, which uses boxing and martial arts to promote personal development in these communities.

Matt O’Toole, Reebok brand president told Marketing Week, “We’re pleased to be working with an organisation with similar values to ours.

“It’s about finding a connection to a deeper purpose – the idea that training and fitness can really transform your life.”

In 2012, Reebok transformed its brand positioning to be about fitness rather than targeted towards elite athletes.

Sales have since picked up, with Reebok growing by 7% in the third quarter of this financial year, driven by sales in the fitness training, walking and fitness running categories.

O’Toole says the brand positioning is consistent with the idea that through an active lifestyle people can reach their full potential.

“To me it’s the perfect representation of our symbol, which is the idea of transformation and change,” O’Toole says. “Our goal is to continue Fight For Peace’s work by getting more kids into the gym.

“The Reebok Foundation has been going for over 25 years supporting similar causes around the world. This is a powerful partnership and we’re very excited about it.”

O’Toole declined to comment on recent rumours that the Reebok brand may be sold off.



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