Reebok’s promotional trump card

Whoopee’s gonna get ya – or so the Diary hears. It seems in these times of gloomy economic forecasts and military action, many brands are tightening their belts. Not so Reebok, which in its latest promotional drive has resurrected one of the most flatulent japes of our time – the whoopee cushion.

With the ever-present threat of anthrax poisoning, the Diary is being very cautious when opening mail – especially after last week’s lepidopterous surprise (MW last week). So when a suspiciously full envelope appeared on the Diary’s desk, our bowels loosened somewhat.

Much to the Diary’s relief, the threat of death was nothing more than a bag of wind – an empty one at that – with the Reebok logo and the strapline “Run like the wind”.

Yes, Reebok has sent us the perfect gift with which to bring laughter to slow days in the office, with the added bonus of not needing to eat as many beans. Thank you, Reebok.


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