Regatta trumpets ‘newfound confidence’ with first TV campaign

Outdoor clothing brand Regatta is launching its first TV campaign to project what it claims is “newfound confidence” in the brand to broader range of consumers.


The TV push is part of the brand’s first integrated campaign and caps off a two-year rebrand that saw its logo overhauled last year. The simplified logo, which looks like a stylised R, represents Regatta’s bid to be all things to outdoor lovers, an objective reflected in a marketing strategy designed to get away from the functional messages traditionally pushed to consumers.

The retailer has spent £1m to carve a positioning around the “For every adventure” ethos and hopes it will inject emotion into an image it admits “wasn’t confident enough of its purpose”. TV ads debut this weekend (18 October) and span four different family-based scenarios; “autumnal family adventure”, “fun in the country”, “day to day life” and “Christmas adventure”.

Branded content encouraging people to start their own adventure will appear on the brand’s site, while in-store and VOD will also promote the new direction.

It is the biggest campaign for the brand in its 30-year history. Regatta has appeared on TV in the past but only through sponsored idents on various programs.

Jemma Volp-Fletcher, head of PR at Regatta, says the new campaign aims to capitalise on the retailer’s key Autumn/Winter trading period. Back to school shopping and weekend breaks are key opportunities to reach families at this time of the year and at the same time raise the profile of the brand ahead of Christmas, she adds.

“There’s a lot of people who were not aware of the brand. It was inevitable we were going to reach out to those that have never heard of us or considered our products in that way before. It’s not about us saying we’re a brand for a particular type of customer because ultimately we’re for everyone.”

Regatta along with some of the smaller players in the outdoor apparel market are being forced to come up with new ways to lure customers amid slowing sales and rising competition from larger rivals. In 2013, Jack Wolfskin revenue dipped by 7.9% to €324m, compared to market leader The North Face passing $2bn in global revenue worldwide in the period.



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