Regulator reviews mobile premium offerings

PhonepayPlus, the premium rate services regulator, is launching a review of the UK’s £350m mobile premium services market. The review, which will be published in July, will also include digital phone content such as ringtones and downloads.

The regulator says new figures have led to “increasing concerns” about some of the services.

PhonepayPlus chief executive George Kidd (pictured) says: “There are clear rules when it comes to promotion, content and delivery of mobile phone paid services. We expect these rules to be followed and any failings of compliance will be punished.”

The review will focus on promotions such as text messages, the use of words that imply content is “free” and subscription services such as ringtones.

PhonepayPlus, previously known as ICSTIS, adds: “Recent evidence of significant consumer harm indicates the need for a strategic approach to dealing with failures in compliance.”


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