Relations tested as ticket loss leaves Maiden voyagers stranded

Maiden Outdoor may be wondering how business in London and the South-east will fare after a relationship-building day-trip to Paris went horribly wrong.

Guest poster buyers happily enjoyed a day of sight-seeing and drinking, but upon their arrival at the Gare du Nord station to catch the train home they realised the person carrying all the tickets had disappeared. Unfortunately, the last train then pulled out.

The stranded buyers spent the night in a less-than-salubrious Gare du Nord hotel and had to get up at 4am to catch the first train home.

Apparently two enterprising buyers managed to blag their way onto the last train without tickets, but one member of the party failed to catch the morning train and has not been heard of since.

Could the trip have been a bizarre bonding exercise? Maiden’s next jaunt will give buyers a chance to relive the experience as a team competing in the classic Japanese TV programme Endurance, much loved by Clive James.


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