Religious image is in poor taste

As a regular reader of Marketing Week, I was both disgusted and disappointed by the image that was emblazoned on the cover of your April 15 issue. I find it offensive and in really poor taste.

What a shame the magazine has stooped so low as to try to relate marketing issues with the selfless act Jesus did on the cross for all, which is nowhere near on the same scale of importance.

How timely too, to use this image just after the Easter weekend, which no doubt meant fluffy rabbits and chocolate eggs to most of you.

I find it deeply sad that there is no respect for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and Christianity as a whole. I wonder if you would be brave enough (or disrespectful enough) to link a Cover Story to the great prophet Mohammed?

What a pity that all you could think of was to use the Crucifixion as a lazy cop-out.

Suzannah Mackay

LGC Promochem



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