Marketers challenged to remake their favourite ads for charity

Mark Ritson and David Wheldon are among the marketers who will recreate their favourite ads in a bid to raise funds for The Marketing Academy Foundation.

Marketers are being challenged to recreate their favourite ads to raise money for The Marketing Academy Foundation.

Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson, former RBS CMO David Wheldon and former Marketing Society chief executive Gemma Greaves are among the 20 marketers who have already pledged to recreate an iconic ad in support of the charity.

The challenge will see The Marketing Academy Foundation CEO Daryl Fielding recreate the Red Bull space jump using kitchen gadgets, chair of trustees Sherilyn Shackell reimagine the iconic Oxo Family and fellow trustee Nicholas Ford remake the famous Diet Coke break in a potato patch.

Entrants are being asked to remake the ad and then invite their network to donate to the foundation. Entries close on 30 July, after which the MAFTAs (The Marketing Academy Foundation TVC Awards) will crown three winners for the Best Ad Remake, People’s Choice and Best Fundraiser.

Each entrant is challenged to hit a £2,000 fundraising target, with the funds being used to underpin the charity’s work in 2021. The foundation usually raises funds through industry events, however the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the team to think differently.

Why brands must not forget young talent during Covid-19

The Marketing Academy Foundation gives bright, driven and capable young people from challenging backgrounds the opportunity to start careers in the marketing industries. The foundation offers young people year-long apprenticeships working in a variety of global brands.

To-date, the charity has helped more than 20 individuals receive training and education. While The Marketing Academy Foundation focuses on economic disadvantage, 60% of individuals helped so far are ethnically diverse.

“Given the recently resurfaced debate and pledges to diversify talent, it’s time to take positive action, not just talk about it,” says Shackell.

To participate email or you can donate direct via