Renault ad slammed again over emissions claim

A campaign for Renault’s electric vehicle range has been banned by the advertising watchdog for making misleading claims about C02 emissions.

Electric Renault
Electric Renault

The censure is the second handed down to the car marque over green claims in the past month.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the car marque’s claim that one of its electric models “will help reduce CO2 emissions by at least 90%” could not be substantiated because the percentage was based on French data.

Small print at the foot of the press advertisement stated that the 90% figure was based “on a French average electric mix”.

Renault says that consumers would not be confused if they read the whole ad because the claim was qualified tin the footnote.

The watchdog says consumers will think that the emissions savings figure refers to UK savings and are “unlikely to understand the difference between electricity generating mixes in France and the UK and how that would affect CO2 savings in different countries.”

In March, a Renault television ad because it made a misleading claim about the car marque’s range of zero emissions cars



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