Renault to go green with eco2 launch later this year

Renault is attempting to steal a march on its European rivals by launching a new range of “green” vehicles that will come close to meeting strict European Commission targets on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, five years before they are introduced.

The French manufacturer is introducing Renault eco2, a designation for its most fuel-efficient cars. To qualify for the eco2 range, the cars’ CO2 emissions must not exceed 140 grams of CO2 per kilometre, it must be produced at a specially certified plant and must also be 95% reusable at the end of their lifetimes. Five per cent of their plastics must also be recycled.

Renault says some of its current range, such as the Megane, some Clios and Campus’, already meet those standards, but that it will also introduce new models that will be part of the eco2 range.

The European Commission has set an average goal of 130g per km for all new cars by 2012 – down from its current average level of close to 170g per km.


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