Report uncovers high viewer recall figures for video ads

Advertisements on video have a high impact and offer positive brand association, according to research conducted for RSA Advertising and Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Over 25 per cent of people surveyed recalled a Levi’s ad placed within trailers before the film True Romance up to six days after having viewed the film.

The recall figure places ads on video in the same league as cinema ads, RSA head of video Chris Polley claims.

People claim to value video viewing above television viewing, according to the research conducted by NOP. Respondents say watching a video is an occasion rather than a time filler.

The survey also revealed that few viewers fast forward through ads on trailers and are happy to see ads before films.

The recall figure is “stunning” for one spot, but video cannot be compared directly with TV, according to Steve Clark, head of radio at BBH. “It is an addition to TV, but its slow build of coverage means it will never usurp TV,” he says. “It adds great impact and a single ad in the trailers gives the product some of the benefits of sponsorship such as appearing trendy by appearing with a fashionable film.”

Advertisers should choose films that are appropriate to the ad, he says, citing BBH’s placement of Levi’s Taxi ad featuring a transvestite before the video Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


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