Research detonates marketers’ myths about DM

Marketers have a flawed understanding of consumers’ attitudes to direct mail, according to new data.

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The research from fast.MAP/ DMA Marketing-GAP Tracking Study, which has been running since 2005, suggests there is a disparity between what marketers believe makes people receptive to direct mail and the reality of consumers’ attitudes.   

According to the study, 70% of consumers throw away unopened DM because they object to being sent marketing material, while marketers estimate the figure is much lower, at 48%.

It also suggests that marketers overestimate the role that aesthetics have in encouraging consumers to open DM. Marketers believe 16% of consumers will throw away a piece of DM if they feel it looks unappealing, whereas the data suggests that just 5% of consumers will do so.

The research also suggests that marketers underestimate the negative impact of marketing calls and text messages during people’s leisure time.

The data also concludes that people are most receptive to receiving DM from supermarkets and local traders, but less welcome are communications from banks and direct email marketing.


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