research shows consumers enjoy ads on TV more than other media

Independent research commissioned by BSkyB shows that consumers enjoy ads on TV more than through any other medium, with 80 per cent of respondents believing television offers ‘the most entertaining, interesting or enjoyable’ ads. Fifty-six per cent say they are most likely to respond to ads on TV, compared with 24 per cent for national press ads and four per cent for radio ads.


Tories launch credit cards for members

Marketing Week

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)-owned Churchill Insurance Group has teamed up with the Conservative Party to launch a Conservative Party credit card. The card, which will be available to the party’s 90,000 members, will be unveiled on July 17 by Conservative Party chairwoman Theresa May. The Tories have also teamed up with breakdown service RAC […]

Fat’s the way to do it for me

Marketing Week

I can’t be alone in wondering what Iain Murray’s article on the fight against tubbies is all about (MW May 29). While, I agree that the article – which looks at the organisation FAT’s campaign against the obese – is indeed humorous, I feel that the article failed to look at the positive side of […]


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