Results show we hit the right note

Your piece on the music for Asda’s Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Care campaign (MW September 25) misses the point. This is not about cynicism, it’s about creating a powerful communication device to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Care. And it worked.

We purposely developed the song from the Asda jingle for two reasons. First, it is catchy and instantly memorable – all important elements in reaching and inspiring the public. Second, because it is used by Asda in its TV ads, it provides a clear and relevant link between the charity and the supermarket as a champion of the campaign.

The results of the strategy were: a record good enough to be chosen by Radio 2 (the target audience) as its record of the week; a top five hit, reflecting the public’s acceptance of it; and, most importantly, Asda’s most successful Tickled Pink fundraising campaign for Breast Cancer Care to date.

So, if this campaign proves anything, it proves, once again, the power of music in reaching and exciting almost any target market.

Rick Blaskey

Managing director/executive producer

The Music & Media Partnership

London W11


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