Retailers try out three hi-tech point-of-sale products

Blockbuster, Tesco and HMV are test marketing technology from Retec Europe which enhances consumers’ knowledge of products before purchase.

The technology cosists of three products, Omniscan, MovieWatch and Digitrax, each of which provide customers with visual or audio information when a product is scanned.

The MovieWatch system allows customers to scan products such as videos and then watch a preview of the film before buying.

The Omniscan system provides retailers with the opportunity to give customers extra information, such as wine-tasting notes, reviews for books, as well as technical information.

When not in use, the system can be used to advertise products and gives retailers the freedom to promote special offers while consumers are in the store.

The Digitrax system is similar to sound booth systems already found in high street chains such as HMV and Virgin Megastores, but allows customers to listen to the entire catalogue of music available in store, not only the selection chosen by staff.

Blockbuster UK managing director Alex Sparks says: “We asked our customers whether they would be interested in an in-store preview system and 80 per cent of them said they were.”

Blockbuster is testing the MovieWatch system in its Bayswater and High Wycombe stores and plan to intorduce the system across the UK if successful.

Retec was established in January 2000 specifically to create and supply point of purchase technologies.


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