Return of the Star Wars menace

Has a die-hard Star Wars fan been boring you with Star Wars trivia for months awaiting the July 16 UK release of Phantom Menace?

If so, let the Diary suggest some sure-fire ways of winding them up.

For instance, get crucial terminology wrong. Confuse Wookies with “Winkies” and call Yoda “Yodel”. Get the names of characters wrong: “My favourite is Ben-Wa Kenubi” or forget them altogether: “Whatshisname, you know, the one with the black plastic face”.

Confuse sci-fi universes. Insist Luke Seawalker fights for the Federation and that Chewbaccy is a Vulcan. Say “Star Wars? I’ve never seen it but I hear it’s quite good”.

May The Force be with you…


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