Richmond Ham naked man ad faces censure

An ad for Kerry Foods’ recently launched Richmond Ham brand featuring a naked farmer is facing censure after the advertising watchdog confirmed it has received more than 250 complaints to date.


The spot, which sees the unclothed man singing about the cooked meat’s natural ingredients, while passing other naked people, has been accused of inappropriate nudity. It has particularly offended because there are no scheduling restrictions, which means it can be aired before the 9pm watershed when there is a greater chance of children watching.

One comment left on said the ad, which uses the strapline “as nature intended, was “in bad taste”, adding “I don’t really fancy seeing naked people on the telly in the middle of Corrie whilst eating my tea – it should be banned.” Another described the spot as “distasteful”.

The Advertising Standards Authority has yet to decide whether it is to launch a formal investigation into the complaints.

The number of objections received to date would have made it the fourth most complained about spot of 2011.

A spokesman for Kerry Foods: “The advert was designed to convey our core message about Richmond Ham’s natural ingredients in a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek manner. It was never our intention to offend anyone and we apologise if we have done so.

“We are taking these comments on board and are currently looking into this.”


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