Right target will maximise sales

Peter Jackson’s point that there is too much emphasis on campaign execution and not enough on the delivery of brand promise at the point of sale (Letters MW July 1) is valid, but he does miss one vital point. As well as diverting budgets to motivating staff, it is essential that product distribution is properly targeted by manufacturers and the products are effectively displayed by retail outlets.

There is little point in investing in advertising to consumers and motivating the supply chain if retailers do not hold sufficient stock, display products incorrectly or worse, misunderstand the markets they are aimed at.

Manufacturers of packaged goods need to identify core retail outlets and target them with field sales teams to make sure they are adequately stocked, and help managers to maximise sales at the point of purchase.

This is often overlooked in product campaigns, but is absolutely essential in getting maximum return on budget. If products are not stocked and displayed correctly, even the most creative advertising and motivation campaign becomes irrelevant.

Richard Finch

Sales and marketing director

Headcounter Field Marketing



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