Rik Mayall and Tony Robinson voice germs for Domestos campaign

Comedians Rik Mayall and Tony Robinson star as animated germs in battle with Domestos in the latest campaign for its Zero Limescale toilet cleaner.

The campaign, created by Lowe London, aims to highlight that toilets are a “fortress” for germs and show that a strong toilet cleaner is needed. Domestos Zero Limescale claims to remove all limescale because it is three times thicker than other toilet cleaners.

The ad shows two animated germs, the Emperor voiced by Mayall and his Sidekick, played by Robinson, who are commanding the “germ forces” in the limescale of the toilet. The Sidekick becomes alarmed about the “extremley thick liquid” that is destroying their army but the Emperor believes their lair is untouchable. They are both obliterated by the cleaner.

The ad, which breaks this week, has the strapline “So thick it works below the water line – Domestos Zero Limescale”.


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