Rise of iTV is one for all to watch

Yes, it is a remarkable achievement to have persuaded so many big advertisers to invest in interactive television (Torin Douglas, MW last week), but it shouldn’t be too surprising. Surely investment in research is the most appropriate way to develop this fledgling platform and to realise its true potential as a medium.

The main benefit I see from the consortium is for packaged goods brands. Packaged goods brands have found it notoriously difficult to collect data on customers and prospects. Zip Television will enable them to have this information at their fingertips, from those who are electing to interact with the brand.

While at first it will be a small proportion of their total target market, it will form a good basis for building fruitful relationships with customers.

The consortium recognises the benefit of customer information. We have been asked to devise a data strategy that will measure the effectiveness of campaigns, market penetration and impact on buying behaviour for all Zip TV’s advertising clients.

Interactive TV offers a different commercial dimension to a creative medium.ÂAgreed, there have been some teething problems but clients will soon benefit from measurable return on investment.ÂInteractive TV’s accountability is just around the corner; so other media watch out!

Chris Duncan

Managing director


Wokingham, Surrey


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