Rising Stars 2007

There is such variety in marketing careers that almost any skill or training is useful in the right circumstances. Whether you have a degree in the arts, sciences or in life, there is a marketing niche where your expertise can be put to good use. In this supplement we highlight managers from industries ranging from the arts to finance, from pharmaceuticals to creative agencies, and from retail to publishing. Some specialise in areas that involve taking the most stringent logical approaches, such as managing databases; while others work on creative concepts that rely more on lateral thinking and gut instinct. One quality they all share is self-confidence – vital in a profession that depends on presentation as much as content. And as these profiles show, the marketers on the following pages have every right to be confident, having achieved so much so early in their careers. We look forward to following their progress and writing about their future successes within the pages of Marketing Week.

Daney Parker, Special reports editor, Marketing Week

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