Rising Stars 2008

The marketing industry has every right to boast about the talented and dedicated people who are shaping it, and Marketing Week is happy to blow the trumpets of key individuals. What is impressive about the men and women featured is the amount of hard work they have put in to helping brands succeed – skills that are particularly vital in today’s challenging marketplace.

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Marketing, being such a diverse discipline, attracts those with an impressive range of skills and experiences. How many other industries can claim graduates from disciplines as diverse as fashion and accounting, while showing no prejudice to those who do not hold degrees? What really counts is enthusiasm, creativity and determination. Flexibility is also key, as the industry never stays still, embracing new technologies as quickly as they are developing. Today’s Rising Stars, whether they are working for brands or agencies, understand both data and ideas, and traditional marketing tactics as well as latest on-line strategies.

At this year’s Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards on 7th October, one of these Rising Stars will be selected as the most promising young talent in the marketing industry from a shortlist of five. This year’s awards are particularly special as they commemorate the 30th birthday of Marketing Week. We will be proud to announce the finalists for this award, but selecting our overall star is no easy task – as there are plenty of deserving winners to choose from.

Daney Parker, Special reports editor, Marketing Week


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