Mark Ritson’s ultimate marketing bullshit top 10

After creating the All-Time Marketing BS Index last year when Mondelez decided to scrap marketing in favour of ‘humaning’, Ritson has realised there were a few things missing from the top 10…

Do you remember ‘humaning’? The completely made up concept introduced by Mondelez at the end of last year.

Marketing Week columnist and Mini MBA founder Mark Ritson was not impressed by the snack giant’s plan to “stop marketing and start humaning”, calling it “utter bollocks” and giving it fast-track entry into his all-time marketing bullshit top 10, which we published in November.

Mondelez joined a host of brands, concepts and people, including Seth Godin and storytelling, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s first advertising, brand archetypes, and Starbuck’s Howard Shultz and ‘Race Together’ on the illustrious list no one wanted to be part of.

But Marketing Week readers felt there were some obvious clangers missing. Following many suggestions and much discussion, Ritson admits he was forced to do something he rarely does – change his opinion.

Based on his very scientific calculation of nonsense multiplied by damage, ‘humaning’ has dropped out the top 10, making way for five new entries.

The Definitive Marketing BS Index


Bullshit source

Nonsense factor

Damage score

Marketing BS Index

1 Rosser Reeves and the USP 7 10 70
2 Brand archetypes 9 7 63
3 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 6 10 60
4 Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s ad revolution 7 8 56
5 Peter Arnell and Tropicana 10 5 50
6 Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ 7 7 49
7 McKinsey and brand loyalty 6 8 48
8 John Wanamaker and ad waste 5 9 45
9 Gary Vee 7 6 42
10 WeWork and profitability 8 5 40

Watch the video to discover why these bullshit marketing moments have  made it onto Ritson’s updated All-Time Marketing BS Index.

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