Mark Ritson versus his biggest critics in brand purpose, influencer marketing and DTC

Ritson comes face-to-face with key figures from areas of marketing he has taken aim at over the past decade, as we take a look back at his biggest and most controversial columns.

Mark Ritson celebrated 10 years as a Marketing Week columnist last year, so to mark the occasion we took a look back at some of his most powerful and controversial columns.

But rather than simply reflect on his insight and opinion, we put Ritson under the spotlight like never before by asking key figures from the subject of these columns to offer their rebuttal.

Ritson didn’t know which columns had been selected or who would be calling him out. From Unilever’s Aline Santos questioning Ritson’s view of brand purpose and Byron Sharp reflecting on the mass marketing versus targeting debate, to Tribe founder and Australian TV host Jules Lund arguing the merits of influencer marketing, Ritson had some serious questions to answer.