Rock group mix-up cream of the crop

Readers under the age of 40 would have been horrified, nay astounded, to discover in last week’s edition of Marketing Week that Darren Hughes, founder of Liverpool superclub Cream, was also a founder of “Sixties rock group” Cream.

Readers over the age of 40 would have been mystified as to why they hadn’t heard that the famous Cream line-up of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker also included a Darren Hughes.

That’s because it’s a lie. Hughes was but a twinkle in his mother’s eye when Clapton and his mates were bashing out Wheels of Fire. Our Hughes is more likely to be found turning up the volume on DJ Paul Oakenfold’s latest release.

Hughes’ new venture, Home – a seven-story restaurant, café, bar and nightclub – opens in Leicester Square on September 9. So don’t turn up expecting to see any classic Clapton guitars on the walls, because there won’t be any. Our sincere apologies to Messrs Hughes, Clapton and all Cream fans, young and old.


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