Rolf Harris and Roy Walker star in Churchill ads

Insurance company Churchill is launching a new TV ad featuring its nodding dog placed in new social situations. The ad for its motor insurance service will launch over the weekend (January 11) and follows the launch earlier this week of its home insurance ad.

In the motor insurance execution, created by WCRS, a friend of Churchill is shown to be sceptical of his fixed-price renewal motor insurance offer. The friend is proved wrong when Churchill’s claim that he is going for a curry with Roy Walker, host of the gameshow Catchphrase, is shown to be true. The ad breaks January 11.

In the home insurance ad, Churchill is seen with a married couple watching TV when the husband remarks at Churchill’s excellent deals. His wife is not so sure that Churchill will live up to his promises as he is helping Rolf Harris, the entertainer, move house. Churchill does come through however, helping Harris build flat pack furniture.

Chris Watney, Churchill head of brand, says; “We wanted to explore other sides to Churchill’s character, showing him interacting with people while demonstrating that he truly is a dog of his word. The situations he finds himself in prove his dependability while giving the audience a laugh at the same time.”


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