Ron’s famous lasting words

What an excellent thought behind the Leagas Shafron agency house ads you’ve been running recently. “If you’d like to be more famous than your agency, call Ron Leagas” is the message.

In fact, I think it is as good a thought as it was back in the Eighties when we used it as the title of EMT’s brochure, a copy of which I recollect Ron admiring when we once met him.

It appears to be a durable thought too.

Bob Edwards

Burkitt Edwards Martin

London W1


City Watch

Marketing Week

Last month, I wrote that the jury was out on Pearson, the media conglomerate that owns the Financial Times, among much else. City apprehension was largely attached to what life for Pearson was likely to deliver in the wake of the sale of its stake in BSkyB – and the shares hung loose as we […]


Marketing Week

RADAR, the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, is advertising for the first time since it was formed as a national pressure group in 1977. The first in a series of poster advertisements through agency Roose & Partners highlights the charity’s success in campaigning for wheelchair access in taxis. It will run from this week […]


Marketing Week

Korean car manufacturer Daewoo launches its secondhand car business, Daewoo Resale, at the end of this month, backed by a television campaign through Duck-worth Finn Grubb Waters. The commercial emphasises that Daewoo puts all its secondhand cars through its own tests, an AA inspection, and carries out two independent history checks before the vehicle goes […]


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