Rover businessmen lack BMW drive

Last week’s British Business Survey (BBS) uncovered some interesting distinctions between the drivers of Rover and BMW cars.

The results go some way to explaining the collapse of the Rover brand in the UK – its drivers appear surprisingly down at heel and unambitious compared with the thrusting types to be found behind the wheel of a Beamer.

Businessmen who own Rover cars agree with such statements as: “I would not want to go and work in another country,” “I do not have great job satisfaction,” and “I do not feel loyal to my employer/organisation.”

BMW drivers, on the other hand, agree that: “I need to take an increasingly international perspective in business,” “I will take the lead in discussions,” “I set my sights high,” and “I feel secure in my job.” The Diary would like to wish Alchemy and Kevin Morley every success in their plans to turn around the Rover brand.


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