Royal Mail brand damaged by dispute

The protracted stand-off between Royal Mail and its employees over jobs, pay and services and the associated strikes has severely dented the postal service’s brand reputation.

Royal Mail

Figures from YouGov BrandIndex show Royal Mail’s “Buzz”, a measure of whether people have heard negative or positive things about a brand, fell to a low of -14 last Friday. This is the lowest Buzz rating for the brand in the past six months.

The figures come ahead of results from a vital ballot by the Communications Workers Union expected today (Wednesday) over whether members should stage a nationwide walkout.

The “Corporate” BrandIndex rating for Royal Mail has also dropped to eight from a high of 17 in the past six months.

By contrast, Royal Mail’s “Satisfaction” rating has remained high during the period, most recently reaching 19 points.

Royal Mail’s “Index”, an average of all the ratings, has remained steady during the past six months, most recently recording 17 points.

The latest YouGov figures follow a plea from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to the Government urging it to intervene and bring an end to the ongoing strike action.

The trade body fears disruptions to the post will drive companies away from using direct mail.


EVouchers are a hit

Marketing Week

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