Royal Mail gives USS the brush-off

Royal Mail is replacing its Universal Suppression Service with a new product aimed at being more flexible and responsive. NCOA Suppress enhances the National Change of Address file as a one-stop suppression and data cleansing service. Using verified Redirection data exclusively, it offers users daily and weekly updates of PAF-cleaned changes.

A second element in the portfolio, NCOA Update, is being prepared to provide email and mobile phone number enhancement alongside its core address forwarding service. It replaces the previous NCOA service and will no longer offer suppression only. Across both propositions, full change of address history data on 34 million records is being applied to improve match rates and provide insight. Linked moves can also now be chained, leaving relocation history on a matched database.

Keith Jones, head of data strategy at Royal Mail, says: “Royal Mail is intent on investing in and developing its data assets to help database managers and marketers improve targeting and reduce waste to get the very best value from their campaign activities.”

He adds: “Using the most accurate Redirection and PAF cleansed data, NCOA Suppress and NCOA Update provide additional peace of mind for database managers, with added flexibility for a more inclusive approach to goneaway cleansing and suppression. These new products create a unique customer view, allowing marketers to track lapsed customers through the provision of chained, historical Redirection data for the first time.”



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