Royal Mail offers pricing shake-up

The Royal Mail will bow to demands to look at introducing a new pricing system for business post with the cost of the stamp depending on the day of delivery.

If introduced, nominated pricing would mean the end of the two-tier first and second class system with enormous implications for the 5.5bn direct marketing industry. Customers would be able to specify the exact day they would want the letter to arrive.

The move would be restricted to business mail – which currently accounts for about 90 per cent of the Royal Mail’s 4.8bn turnover.

Direct Marketing Association director of legal affairs Colin Fricker says: “There are a number of occasions when deliveries are very time sensitive. We would like to be able to dictate the exact date of arrival.”

Royal Mail head of external communications Nigel Lawrence says that because of cost, the initiative would be unlikely to be introduced in the consumer postal market.

He says the Royal Mail will respond to demands from the industry for this kind of service, pro viding it can be met at a satisfactory price.

But Fricker believes the service should be provided at the same cost as the existing service.

Lawrence adds that a cast-iron guarantee on delivery day would be possible, but very expensive.


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