Royal Mail seeks to axe senior marketing roles

royal%20mailRoyal Mail is understood to be asking senior marketers to re-apply for their jobs as part of major review of its marketing team.

It is believed that the postal operator is reassessing its structure and is looking at senior roles, which
will include brand marketing director Tom Hings and senior campaigns development manager Andrew Hammond.

One source says: “It is just the marketing department as far as I know, but it may include other areas aligned to that function, such as market research.”

While it is believed the review is starting at the top, many say it is likely to progress down to middle management.

Another source says it would be logical to conclude that any changes will be aimed at cutting costs and improving efficiencies as part of an attempt to streamline the organisation.

“There is nothing to say at this stage,” according to a Royal Mail spokesman, who refused to comment further.

The development comes just after Royal Mail reported an operating loss of £279m for last year. It continues to battle with a negative perception of the brand over its poor delivery record.

The review is just weeks after marketing director Alex Batchelor announced he is leaving the postal

It also follows the promotion of Alex Smith from group strategy director to strategy and commercial director in March this year.

Industry experts say that the restructure effectively sidelined Batchelor who then had to report to Smith.


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