RSPCA launches pig ignorance campaign

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of animal welfare. The Rooting for Pigs campaign launches today (January 12) in national newspapers.

The animal welfare charity hopes to end “Pig Ignorance” through a series of full-page ads that aim to put pressure on supermarkets and other UK food retailers. It wants retailer to help develop and sign-up to a voluntary labelling system that will make welfare claims about pork products easier to understand for shoppers.

The move follows the revelation that only 2% of UK consumers understand terms such as “outdoor bred” or “free range” when used on products such as bacon or sausages.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is backing the campaign via a new programme “Jamie Saves our Bacon” to be aired as part of Channel 4’s Great British Food Fortnight, starting on January 29.

The charity is hoping to replicate the success of its previous campaign to highlight poor welfare in some chicken production outfits, which was also backed by Oliver, which prompted 73% of chicken consumers to choose those labelled as free range or organic.


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