Rubicon launches ‘low-GI’ range

Exotic fruit-juice producer Rubicon is launching a range of juice drinks with a low glycaemic index (GI), to appeal to diet-conscious consumers. Low-GI foods avoid “spikes” in blood sugar levels, instead releasing energy slowly.

The launch will be allocated part of Rubicon’s &£3m marketing spend for 2005. The premium chilled drinks will go on sale later this month.

Low-GI foods can help diabetics manage their condition. A slow, sustained energy release leaves drinkers feeling fuller for longer. Retailers have been keen to adopt the GI labelling system as part of their “healthy” drive. The system, which grades foods based on the rate at which they raise blood sugar levels, gained popularity after Tesco backed the GI diet last year.

The consumer launch campaign, which begins later this month, will include extensive sampling in supermarkets as well as at events such as the Notting Hill Carnival and concerts by Indian pop star AR Rahman.

In tandem with the consumer activities, a trade advertising campaign will target key titles. There will be point-of-purchase materials, in-store promotions and sampling activities throughout the rest of the summer.

The one-litre cartons, featuring the new Rubicon brand logo of a hummingbird dipping into nectar, have a recommended retail price of &£2.29 and will be available in Waitrose, Budgens, Somerfield and bars across the UK.


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