Ruth Mortimer on surviving scandal

There’s a way to come back from a scandal.

OK, we all know that Tiger did the bad thing with women who were not his wife. We know thanks to his endless apologies that he let everyone down, including himself, by doing so. And we know that Nike is the one of his sponsors that has stood by him throughout his appearances in the press.

But does this mean that the guy had to feature in a pretty boring advert which is non-sports-related?

To me, Nike is a brand about having get up and go. It’s stood by Tiger because, despite his affairs, he is an incredibly talented sportsman. I appreciate that having Tiger punching the air and celebrating right now might seem at odds with his present situation, but even odder is this contrite and, in my opinion, sinister reference to the scandal in an ad for sportswear.

So Nike, if you are going to stick by Tiger, let’s see you sticking him in some marketing that shows him doing sporting stuff or just don’t bother.


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