Ryanair agrees voluntary actions with OFT

Ryanair has reached agreement with the Office of Fair Trading to increase the clarity and transparency of its website and other advertising.

The Advertising Standards Authority referred the low cost airline to the OFT last year after a series of rulings that were contested by Ryanair.

Ryanair has now voluntarily agreed to provide clear information about Ryanair’s Price Guarantee “and qualify as necessary any statements that Ryanair is guaranteed to offer the lowest prices.”

The airline will also give “further prominence” to links on its website and in email promotions that contain information about optional services and charges.

It will also highlight website links and email promotions that contain terms and conditions pertinent to special offers.

The agreement reached between Ryanair and the OFT concludes the OFT’s consideration of the ASA referral.

A spokesmen for Ryanair says: “”Ryanair welcomes today’s OFT announcement which concluded this referral. We were happy to make the minor adjustments recommended by the OFT to improve our website and advertising.

“Ryanair is pleased with the OFT’s conclusion of this case which confirms Ryanair’s belief that there was no substance to the ASA’s original referral, and we welcome the fact that the OFT has dismissed the ASA’s request ‘to consider taking action against the budget airline Ryanair’ “.


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